About Us

Pelican Delivery, Inc. is San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area’s premier courier company, specializing in same day deliveries for large corporations, start-ups, ‘mom-n-pop’ shops, as well as various local and state government entities. We have built our reputation and extensive client base by providing dependable, fast, and efficient service.

Founded in 1985 by Maria Piccolomini, Pelican became the first woman owned and operated courier company in San Francisco. Armed with a telephone and a two man crew, Maria set the new standard for how a courier company should operate. Due to the lack of resources such as the internet, it was word of Pelican’s strong work ethic alone that powered us through 27 years of operation. Upon the passing of Maria, her son Abel Piccolomini Fuaau took the reins of the company he grew up with, in a effort to keep providing the service standards of excellence his mother set.

We embark on our 28th year with a larger fleet of both bicycle and vehicle couriers, a staff with over 130+ years of combined experience, and the same dedication to our clients that has propelled us to where we are today. So remember, next time you need a helping hand, “If anyone can, Pelican!”

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday / 8:00am – 7:00pm


T: (415) 777 - 4640

F: (415) 777 - 2320

E: PelicanDelivery@gmail.com